Predictive psychology: a new stage for the financial industry

All companies fight for attention, sales and, ideally, customer loyalty.
Most seek to give a “bribe” to the customer, i.e., give them free stuff, give them points and so many things that they call “loyalty” strategy, however, when a competitor offers something better that customer immediately crosses the street, is that loyalty?

In the world of the financial industry this is no different. With a globalized world and fintech transforming processes and customer experiences, it is no longer enough to captivate or make great marketing campaigns, it is time to go beyond? or perhaps we could say that we must go “deeper” into the minds of our customers.

Each one of us is not their income level or education, their gender or consumption patterns. We are more complex than demographics, we have fears, longings, a way of deciphering day-to-day experiences that lead us to make decisions one way and not another.

In other words, we have a psychology that is unique to us and most of the time unconscious, both to the person and obviously to the companies that seek to meet and satisfy needs.

Therein lies a gigantic opportunity to bring predictive psychology to the financial world. In fact, studies such as the one conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey, showed that companies that use psychological models to know their customers increase loyalty by 30%, while Forrester (USA) found that these models achieve up to 40% higher customer satisfaction.
All this, at the end of the day, not only improves the relationship between institutions and their clients (or potential clients) but also allows to increase commercial results and to better satisfy the needs, tastes and intentions of each person who is linked to financial products and the institutions that provide them.

Imagine that you no longer receive spam from large companies or annoying calls about things that do not interest you and that only destroy value, to start receiving only that which is linked to you, with the language that makes sense to you, the channel that suits you best. In other words, a personalized experience at a new level.
This is exactly what we thought when we created Hi Anny, a company that helps companies in the financial sector to know the psychology behind their customers, thanks to predictive psychology algorithms and artificial intelligence, reaching a level never seen before of personalization and improvement of the experience between institution and customer.
The issue is simple, it is not based on the usual and poorly segmented data, but on the psychology of each customer, to sell more, build better loyalty and give a unique value to the customers you want to satisfy with your products and services, offering and serving what best speaks to the mind and emotions of each person.
Can you imagine being served this well the next time you interact with a company or a financial service? It will only be a matter of time, in this industry and others.

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