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Isaías Sharon Jirikils, Chilean entrepreneur and expert in psychology and business, has founded innovative companies that combine technology and psychology to improve life and work. Currently based in Spain, he leads his business group with a focus on Predictive Psychology to boost personal and professional development.

Isaías Sharon Jirikils

Isaías Sharon Jirikils was born in Santiago de Chile in 1985, the youngest of three brothers. He always showed interest in business, economics and people’s behavior. Early on he showed leadership skills, standing out in different school, social and later university and work environments.

He studied psychology and specialized in social and organizational psychology at the University of Santiago de Chile. He then obtained a master’s degree in organizational development and strategic management of people, and later a doctorate in education and new technologies, this last area was his constant concern, since his undergraduate thesis he began to study how new technologies can impact the development of higher mental abilities, such as strategy and decision making.

Professionally, Isaías worked in several industries very early on, being a senior consultant for the multinational EY (Ernst & Young), a conflict management advisor for the Chilean Ministry of Education and training and CSR manager at FLSmidth.


In 2012, after going through a stage four lymphatic cancer, she founded Smart Coach, a coaching training and certification school, where she turned her experience in this discipline and embodies the Integrative Coaching Model, which she created together with the musician and hypnotherapist Jorge Vidal König.

Subsequently, in 2015 he founded HPI International, a company with which he develops psychometric instruments based on information technologies, to apply them to the world of human resources and higher education. With this company he obtains several awards in Latin America and Europe.

In 2020 he founded the holding INNZPIRA, based in the United States, from where he concentrated the development of new innovation initiatives based on the concept of Predictive Psychology as a pillar of development.

In 2023 he founded Redarkia, creating an application for events and business rounds that uses a psychometric model to promote the relationship and the generation of bonds of trust in business environments.

2013 - Smart Coach Foundation

Coaching training and certification school.

2015 - Founding of HPI International

Company that develops technology-based psychometric instruments for Human Resources and Higher Education.

2020 - Innzpira Holding Foundation

Profiling solutions based on Predictive Psychology to transform the way you personalize experiences and achieve results.

2023 - Founding of Redarkia

Matchmaking application for events and business rounds.

Publications made

With several publications made, such as “The Secret of Goals” (2014), “Coaching for Life” (2014), “Integrative Coaching Model” (2015), “Keys to Understanding Coaching” (2016), “Integrative Coaching Glimpses, Vol I” (2018), “Integrative Coaching Glimpses, Vol. II” (2020), he bursts with his first publication based on Predictive Psychology, where he raises the LFL Model for the world of higher education institutions, with a provocative publication, entitled ‘The Flood in Higher Education: Build Your Ark with Predictive Psychology’ (2024).

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Currently, Isaías is based in the city of Valencia, Spain, and continues to manage several companies that are part of his business group INNZPIRA (USA), and one of his current passions is in the improvement and search for practical uses of his idea of predictive psychology, as an element that converges psychometrics and machine learning, in search of finding the patterns in people’s minds that make us be what we are, want what we want and act in a certain way, which ends up impacting the results that people achieve.

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“If we manage to recognize what happens in the human mind, our abilities, way of thinking, emotions, attributions, among many other factors, we can help people learn, improve, build better relationships, live in a more economically prosperous way and, finally, have a better life. If we achieve that, the positive impact to society and the economy would occur as part of a system with less friction between the different actors and greater fit.”
Isaías Sharon
CEO & Founder

Thus, his predictive psychology project is in constant creation of new neural networks with multilayer perceptrons, applied to new psychometric instruments with real application in the education, finance, health, labor and commerce industries, places where this author believes efforts should be focused, as they are essential and imperishable dimensions of the development of human beings.

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