Areas of Application

Predictive psychology offers a field of multiple application possibilities, since it is based on transversal and imperishable elements such as the psychological processes that lead people to the results they obtain in multiple areas of life, through their cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes and their wide range of subcategories.

Currently, these predictive psychology models are being applied in institutions of education, finance, health, labor and commerce, in order to know people in a unique way and thus align processes, communication, relationship, product development, etc., to the needs and expectations of real and complex people.

Here are some of the main applications of Predictive Psychology models:

It identifies potential, vocation, level of commitment to studies, specific skills gaps, learning strategies or the best areas of employability, adjusting the program offerings, methodology and support plans to suit the students.
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Timely recognition of financial risk, expectations, needs, desired lifestyle and financial products best suited to each moment of a person's life. Transform the customer experience and adjust your strategy to your customers' minds.
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It discovers in advance the risk of diseases or dangerous behaviors that may threaten the physical and mental health of people, generating preventive actions and programs tailored to each subject, for a healthier and sustainable life within everyone's reach.
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Get to know your customers in a unique way to improve the way you communicate with them, and each touch point to uniquely meet their deepest needs and desires. Better deliver your solutions to the people who will benefit from them.
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World of work
Discover people's potential to face today's work challenges. Identify their gaps, strengths and opportunities to create career and learning paths designed for the different moments in the life of companies and their people.
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