Fundamentals of Predictive Psychology:

A Combined Approach of Psychometrics and Machine Learning

Predictive psychology is an emerging field that seeks to understand and predict human behavior by integrating psychometrics and machine learning. This area has great potential to improve decision making in various fields, such as education, finance, healthcare, the world of work and commerce.


Predictive psychology uses a variety of methods to collect data on individuals, such as:

Psychometric assessments:

Through the development of new psychometric assessment instruments, many of them in the form of questionnaires, various aspects of personality, emotions, cognitive skills and attitudes, among others, are evaluated in order to recognize the particular qualities of a person and build new clusters that help to better understand the trajectory and the multivariable combination that makes people unique, complex and unrepeatable beings.

Machine Learning:

Through the use of a multi-layer perceptron, psychometric data from large populations of people are analyzed to discover the most reliable patterns to predict their behavioral trajectories, decisions and other aspects that will ultimately impact their outcomes, in order to make early decisions that will help them make better decisions.

Application Cases

Predictive psychology has a wide range of applications in different areas, such as:

1. Education

Personalizing learning, identifying students with difficulties, guiding career choice, preparing for employability, increasing student persistence, building lifelong learning pathways, among many other challenges in the world of teaching and learning.
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2. Finance

Issues such as assessing fraud risk, developing investment strategies, promoting effective and personalized financial education, establishing psychometric security footprints, properly profiling each individual, are just some of the challenges of the financial industry that can be addressed with this approach.
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3. Health

Topics such as predicting the risk of diseases, diagnosing potential mental disorders in advance, designing prevention and wellness programs, identifying risk factors to the physical and mental health of people, are just some of its applications.
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4. World of work

Improving the processes of selecting and evaluating personnel, developing training programs with tailored paths, improving job security, promoting commitment, discovering the elements that give purpose to work, among other areas that can be achieved through predictive psychology.
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5. Commerce

If we bring predictive psychology to various industries, we can personalize the customer experience, optimize marketing campaigns, develop pricing strategies, streamline the development of new products and generate clusters based on deeper elements linked to people's real behavior.
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Predictive psychology offers a number of benefits, such as:

Improved decision making

It allows more precise and personalized decisions to be made.

Prevention of risks

Helps identify and prevent potential problems.

Resource optimization

It optimizes the use of human and financial resources.

Improved individual well-being

It can contribute to improving people's health, education and well-being.

Promoting results

It is an enhancer of strategies and the implementation of business actions aimed at the sustainability and profitability of companies.

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