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What is Predictive Psychology?

It is an emerging approach that uses Psychometric Models and Machine Learning (AI) to improve decision making and outcomes in fields such as education, finance, health, labor or commerce, improving the lives of people and the sustainability of companies.

Application Cases

Predictive psychology emerges as a fascinating tool to understand and anticipate human behavior in various aspects of life. It is based on the analysis of psychological patterns that, through cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes, determine the results that people obtain in different areas.

Here are some of the main applications of Predictive Psychology models:

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Why Predictive Psychology?

Regardless of the place in the world, the industry or the challenge, people do things for other people. Most of the time without understanding what moves us to make decisions every day and achieve the results we have.

Predictive psychology is a bet on discovering those variables of the human mind that move us to action and, with it, to results. With the premise that knowing ourselves better is the only way to build a better life for all people and the social system in which we interact.

Thus, using the technology of neural networks we analyze psychometric results created with unique algorithms, to discover how each individual is and how we can accompany his life in the best way, so that he can know himself and can have the tools that allow him to create the life he longs for.

Benefits of Predictive Psychology:

Discover how predictive psychology can improve your decisions, prevent risks and promote well-being in your life and in your community.

Isaías Sharon Jirikils

He is an organizational psychologist with a master’s degree in organizational development and strategic people management, and a doctorate in education and new technologies. He is one of the main authors and precursors of Predictive Psychology, creating psychometric models combined with neural networks (AI) to find practical solutions in various industries. He is the author of several publications and author of methodological models such as Integrative Coaching and LFL Model. Founder of several companies linked to human development and innovation.

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